3 Hour Private Local Instruction in the Field


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A unique opportunity to learn how to focus your priorities when shooting wildlife or landscape photography.  I can show you how to find the best subjects with the current light available.  Which lenses are best for the subject we see and why.  There are more to lenses than just their focal length.   This local workshop can be custom tuned to what it is you wish to work on.  The entire 3 hours will be spent on teaching techniques and answering your specific questions.  The class is taught inside Huntington Beach State Park or on the beaches of Pawleys Island.  A basic knowledge of exposure and how to operate your camera is required.  I have owned and operated Canon, Fuji, Nikon, Olympus, and Sony Digital cameras and have a basic knowledge of their operations.  This class will be most beneficial to photographers using Tripods, SLRs or Mirrorless Digital cameras.  Please contact me so that we may discuss your needs prior to you paying for your reservation.